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Optime Solar Power provide quality installations and maintenance of Optime Grid Connect systems. These systems are designed to help households and businesses reduce their energy costs by providing usable solar energy during daylight hours. A grid connect system collects sunlight through photovoltaic panels mounted on your home and through a solar inverter the energy created is converted to the AC current required to power the appliances in your home. Optime Grid Connect systems also feed back any excess energy generated back to your energy provider who may pay a net feed tariff, further helping to reduce energy costs.

In remote areas the cost of connecting to mains power supplies can be huge. With advances in Optime Technology the cost to run your home with an Off Grid Stand Alone System is more often the most affordable option. The Design of an Off Grid system is a specialist area and requires detailed analysis of the way in which your family uses electricity over a full year not just at this point in time. Our Solar Specialist evaluates your energy needs and designs a system that will adequately meet your requirements with sufficient storage capacity to keep you powered up for a reasonable period even in low light conditions. At Optime Solar Power our goal is to design a system where use of the backup power supply, usually a diesel Generator, is minimal.

Producing hot water for your home is the highest energy consumption in the family home, in fact it can account for almost 25% of your energy bill. Installing a quality solar hot water system makes for good economic and environmental sense. The sun is a reliable, free and limitless power source, and installing an energy efficient hot water system will help you reduce your energy consumption which saves you money and will also help to reduce your carbon footprint. At Optime Solar Power we offer a range of energy efficient systems including Solar Hot Water systems and Heat pumps. Call us today and we can assess your hot water requirements and offer you one of our affordable quality solutions.

Using solar energy for water pumping on your property makes good economical sense. Utilising free energy from the sun will help to reduce your energy bills and will also allow you to access pumping points in even the most remote points of your property. They are particularly beneficial where you have geographical locations suited to use of a ‘header tank’ for onsite storage. At MV Solar we pride ourselves on designing the most efficient and cost effective water pumping solution tailored specifically to your location and budget. Our experience allows us to utilize full solar pumping options and even incorporate hybrid options with a diesel generator or the grid as the backup methods for supplying power. Solar Water Pumping solutions are cost effective and low maintenance options for supplying and moving water around your property.

Once a quality Optime Solar Power system is installed on your home you will start to enjoy the benefits of free energy from the sun. Optime Solar requires minimal maintenance however, as with any major purchase the better maintained the longer and higher performing it will be. At Optime Solar Power we believe our role as your solar partner goes beyond installation to assisting you to keep your investment in tip top shape. From time to time your system will benefit from cleaning and maintenance to ensure all components remain in peak condition. In addition to the cleaning and visual inspection MV Solar will also provide you with a performance report so you can keep track of your systems performance over time.

With most Optime modules having a 25 year performance warranty a regular report from Optime Solar will ensure you maintain the benefits of that warranty to its full value.

Enquiries please phone 9901970372 or email solarpower@optime.co.in

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