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Welcome to Optime Solar Power Division 
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Why Green Energy ?

Countries around the world are beginning to view solar power as a viable source of energy for typical home owners. It’s estimated that by 2050, a quarter of the world’s power will be generated by the use of solar panels. Right now, the Central and States’ financial incentives to encourage the installation of solar panels have led to an average growth of 40% in the power usage of typical residences. So the question remains: Why is solar power so great, and how can you take advantage of it?

It’s no secret that we are facing a world-wide energy crisis. The ways we’ve been traditionally harvesting energy extracts the earth’s limited resources using processes that are harmful to the environment. Because of recent politics and the diminishing supply of those resources, energy prices have been rising exponentially. Years ago, fossil fuels and coal were the cheapest energy option because the expense of installing solar panels was simply not worth it. Now, because of the rising cost of traditional energy sources and the perks of using solar panels, solar power has become an extremely viable solution for saving money while you save the planet.

Increased Property Value

The great thing about solar panels is that in addition to being financially smart, they also cause very little impact on the physical space of your property, never taking up the space you need for other things. The panels are typically mounted on top of your home where they reflect and absorb sunlight, protecting your roof from heat exposure and other potential damage. The diminished energy bill provided by the supplemental power of the solar panels as well as the reduction of heat absorbed by the roof are features that are very attractive to prospective home buyers. The simple addition of solar panels means a home is on the market for much less time and can be sold for a much higher price

In fact, research performed by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy based out of the U.S. Department of Energy finds that homes featuring solar panels sell twice as quickly as homes without them. That statistic stands even in today’s troubled housing market.

The all-around value of your home can be increased significantly with the installation of solar panels. IFC Consulting performed a study that found that every dollar saved on energy results in a twenty dollar increase to the value of the home. On average, that means a total $36,000 increase in the typical home’s value in addition to a $1,800 annual savings on energy bills. The National Bureau of Economics Research, or NBER, reported that as of July 2011 homes with solar panels typically sold at a premium of 3.5%. In addition, an April 2011 study released by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the Department of Energy showed that solar panels increase asking prices for homes by anywhere from $3.90 to $6.40 per watt. That translates to a $17,000 increase in price for a home with a 3,100 watt solar energy system.

Same thing will happen in India also.The bottom line is that you will effectively double your speed of sale and be able to charge a significantly higher premium on your asking price if you add solar panels to your home.

Government-Subsidized Installation Cost

Agencies at the state and central government levels have recently been pressured to assist in making Indian homes as green as possible. In response to the demand, many substantial subsidies have become available to help pay for your solar panel installation. This means that not only will you be getting money back from savings on your utilities bills and a boost in your home value, but you won’t have to make as large of an initial investment. The Latest Indian MNRE Information Notice No.5/34/2013/-14/RT Dated: 1/12015 and section 32 of Income Tax, allow you to claim 30% accelerated depreciation of your total installation cost on your tax return. And 15% Govt. subsidy to the beneficiary Aadhaar linked Accounts.

Guaranteed Return on Your Solar Investment

In the past decade, the cost of energy has risen almost 7% annually. One of the only ways to safeguard yourself from further price hikes is to install solar panels. Making yourself less reliant on other sources of energy will leave extra money in your pocket and protect you from unwelcome surprises in your utility bills. On average, a solar-powered home will save 75% per year in energy bills. If you factor in the subsidies available from the government, the installation of your solar panels will pay for themselves in only a few short years. After that, the money you save is all yours.


Lower Environmental Impact

85% of the current energy consumption can be attributed to fossil fuels. The process of burning these fuels to convert them into usable energy pollutes the air we breath and plagues the environment with acid rain, global warming, and water pollution. As if that weren’t enough, the process of mining the fossil fuel causes damage to the environment that can never be repaired. The best way for you to do your part in preventing the further destruction of our fragile planet is to cut down your carbon footprint by creating your own system of sustainable energy. Solar energy leaves no emissions and doesn’t harm the environment in any way, harnessing the energy that is always around us without causing detrimental environmental change. Your switch to solar will make your community a cleaner place, allowing you to contribute both locally and globally to the green effort.

Is Solar power cost effective? Can I save money? What does it mean by free electricity?

Driven by various ad hoc State and Central government schemes, Solar power has come from nowhere a couple of years ago to become a major electrical energy, although the general public still don’t fully understand how solar and in particular, grid connect solar works. It can be very confusing and hard to work out whether grid connect solar power is really worth it. Government rebate changes are confusing and the cost of electricity is continuing to rise rapidly and predicted to double in 5 years.

Local Optime solar specialist Gowtham, from Optime Solar explains some of the basics:

Solar energy is derived from Photovoltaic solar cells (solar panels) that convert light to DC Power, The amount of power (Kw) depends on the power of the individual panels and how many make up a system. DC power is then converted to AC 230V 50Hz power by a device called an inverter. The inverter Kw rating must be at least as big as the solar panel rating. For example a 2Kw PV solar array must be connected to an inverter no smaller than 2Kw. The inverter size may be larger, say 4Kw and this would allow the system to be expanded at a later stage for minimal cost. The inverter is then connected to your existing house electrical system on the load side of your electrical meter. This is then called a Net connected grid solar system.

While the sun shines, energy is delivered directly to your home via the solar panels for free. Solar energy is used first and if your loads require more than what your solar system supplies then only the extra energy needed will be supplied from the electricity grid through the meter. Likewise if you generate more power than what you use, the extra energy goes back through the Energy meter to the grid and you should receive a credit for the amount of energy fed back into the grid. The rate of buyback will depend on your energy supplier, they are all different and it is well worth shopping around for the best deal.

Put simply, your energy consumption and your electricity bill is reduced by the amount of electricity you generate from solar. Plus you will also receive a credit onto your electricity account for any excess solar you generate. Depending on your usage pattern and the size of the system you install, you could reduce, eliminate or even obtain a credit on your electricity account from your electricity company. (Now wouldn’t that be nice?)

To work out how much Grid connected Solar power is worth. Consider the value of the following:

There are 2 identical, neighbouring properties for sale but one has a solar system. (Adding solar power to your home immediately increases your property appeal and resale value.)

Every Kwh of solar power generated reduces the amount of carbon gas produced by the power stations which saves fossil fuel and helps reduce global warming.

Solar panels are generally mounted on the roof of your home thereby putting that part of the roof in shade and blocking the sun’s heating effect on your roof, decreasing the heat load in your home. (Making your home cooler in summer, so air conditioners will work more efficiently)

Solar power is generated during the day, when the cost of energy is the highest, so saving you more. A typical 1kW solar system installed will produce approximately 5KwH of energy per day and can save you over Rs.10000 per year in energy costs, depending on your circumstances. Your savings increase every time electricity prices go up.

With solar panel performance warranties of 25 years expect your solar panels to still be producing energy well into the future. I have tested panels that are 40 years old and are still producing over 80% of their rated power.

At current electricity prices, the savings made in electricity will pay for the cost of a solar installation in about 6-7 years. Your savings and payback period is shorter with every increase in electricity prices and that does not count all the other additional benefits mentioned above.

Is solar power worth it? Free electricity after payback, we think so!

One word of caution, there has been numerous instances of faulty and unsafe solar installations. To ensure your system is safe and performing at its best for the full life of the system you need to find a properly accredited Clean Energy Council solar specialist.

Optime Solar specialises in the design and installation of Photo Voltaic Solar Power for domestic, commercial, Industries and rural properties. Optime Solar can provide all your solar needs including off- grid, on-grid, Hybrid, solar hot water and motor home systems, solar pumping Systems. Customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you want to know more please contact Gowtham or any of the other friendly staff at Optime Solar who are more than willing to help.

Enquiries please phone 9901970372 or email solarpower@optime.co.in

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