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Solar Installations: You get What you Pay For

As the Solar industry becomes increasingly competitive the costs of solar appear to be reducing however in reality there are several considerations when choosing what appears to be a ‘bargain’. Costs are certainly more affordable but it is often also a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. Key considerations before purchasing are:

  1. What am I paying for you to install on my roof?
  2. Who is installing it on my roof and what are their qualifications?
  3. And probably most importantly;
  4. What happens after the system is installed?

Solar specialist Gowtham, from Optime Solar power explains some of the key questions you need to ask your solar company representative and why:

  1. You need to know what you can expect from the components in your system, are the modules and inverters Clean Energy Council approved, is cabling done to the correct Indian standards for the system size, what will the system generate and what warranties apply.
  2. Your house is probably the largest investment you will make in your lifetime both in cash and emotional terms; this is after all your family home. A solar system should be designed to maximise energy generation without detracting from the looks of your home, It needs to be neatly and professionally installed so that it blends with your homes features and enhances it’s look and feel. When contracting someone to place a large and specialist item such as a PV array on the roof you need to ensure they know what they are doing. You don’t want to be left with hidden damage to your roof and or supporting structures. This could lead to major house and roof repairs and this damage may not be evident for years. There have been numerous instances of faulty and unsafe solar installations. To ensure your system is safe and performing at its best for the full life of the system you need to find a properly accredited Clean Energy Council solar specialist.
  3. Once the system is operating, your solar installation company should be available to answer questions, monitor, and repair or replace any item not working to standard, and provide a regular maintenance program to ensure the installation remains in optimum condition.

Optime Solar, the only Based Solar Design Specialists, are a complete Solar Solution not just an installation company. We pride ourselves on delivering a long term solar partnership, working with you to make your solar investment a long term cost effective energy solution.

Is solar power worth it? With Free electricity after payback and the right post installation support, we definitely think so!

To find out more contact our Customer Development Specialist Gowtham or any of the other friendly staff at Optime Solar.

Enquiries please phone 9901970372 or email solarpower@optime.co.in

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