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While the sun shines, energy is delivered directly to your home via the solar panels, essentially for free. In a Solar energy system the power generated is used first in your home and if your power loads require more than what your solar system can supply then only the extra energy needed will be supplied from the electricity grid through your meter. Likewise if you generate more power than you use, the extra energy goes back through the energy meter to the grid and you should receive a credit for the amount of energy fed back into the grid – this is the Net Feed Tariff. The rate of buyback depends on your energy supplier, they are all different and it is well worth shopping around for the best deal.
Even better we can now provide a Hybrid system which allows you to store all that lovely energy on site for your own use before excess is sent to the grid. The system will cost a bit more at first but we can work with you to make the system upgradeable and this could be an option for you in the future.

Put simply, your energy consumption and your electricity bill is reduced by the amount of electricity you generate from solar. Plus you will also receive a credit onto your electricity account for any excess solar you generate or can arrange to have the ability to store it for your own use. Depending on your usage pattern and the size of the system you install, you could reduce, eliminate or even obtain a credit on your electricity account from your electricity company.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Enquiries please phone 9901970372 or email solarpower@optime.co.in

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