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  • Scope
    This procedure defines the activities to be undertaken in order to ensure that the project is started is to be executed in a timely and coordinated manner and that it’s necessary to carry out the construction with satisfaction of the owner, owner’s management representative, consultant and main contractor.
  • Processing
    Internal meeting with all departments (MD, Financial Controller, Human Resources, Electrical Division, A/C Department, Plumbing Division etc.)
  • Project’s Finalization
    Prizing to be approved by the main contractor.


  • Prepare copies of historical previous constructed project, project on hand, approvals, company organizational chart and required for project.
  • Processing Approval required by the client, Project Management (owner representative) and consultant.


  • Scope
    This procedure describes the steps involved in the presentation, approval by the client representative (Consultant) and distribution to the concerned parties of technical / material submittals.
  • Processing
    Technical staff shall prepare technical / material submittals based on the following:
    • Specification documents (MEP)
    • Tender drawings (MEP)
    • Standard form to be used
    • Transmittal form to main Contractor.
    • Technical / material submittal form approved by the Consultant.
    • Technical / material submittal follow-up sheet.
    • Specification comparison sheets.
    • Important Notes
    • Copies of technical specification and sample to submit complete with technical / material submittals.
    • (If) the technical / material submittal deviates from specification, it is recommended to submit specification comparison sheet.
    • Preparation of list technical / material submittals
    • Technical / material submittals form from contractor’s specification and drawings.
    • Samples attached with sample tag with the following details:
    • Submittal No.
    • Date
    • Sample description
    • Specification Ref.No.
    • Receive back from the consultant / Client
    • The following remarks shall apply by the consultant for each technical / material submittal:
    • Approved
    • Approved with comments
    • Rejected with comments
    • Re-submit form to Consultant / Client
    • Updated technical / material submittal at the earliest in accordance with the contract requirements.

This procedure describes the steps involved in the preparation, approval of the Client / Consultant and distribution to the concerned parties shop drawing submittals.

  • Processing
    Technical staff prepares shop drawings for each plumbing system, drainage system, fire fighting system, low current system, lighting layout, small power system, central A/C system etc.
  • Preparation of list shop drawings submittals
    Prepare list of shop drawings submittal with updated time record, revise date and re-submit date.
  • Submittal to Consultant / Clients
    Workshop drawing to be submitted through main Contractor to Consultant complete with the list of drawings.
  • Receipt back from Consultant / Client
    The work shop drawings duly stamped with the following remarks:
    • Approved
    • Approved with comments
    • Rejected with comments
    • Review not required
    • Re-submit workshop drawing to Consultant / Client
    • Updated workshop drawing with revised serial number and updated list of workshop drawings and re-submit through Main Contractor to Consultant /Client.


This procedure describes the steps required to prepare builders drawing and approval by client / consultant.

  • Processing
    The technical staff to prepare builders drawing for electrical works etc.
  • Preparation of list builders drawing
    Prepare list from prepare builders drawing with updated record, revise date, re-submit date.
  • Submittal to consultant / client
    Builders drawing to submit through main contractor to consultant / client complete with list of drawings.
  • Receipt back from Consultant / Client
    The builders drawing duly stamped with the following remarks:
    • Approved
    • Approved with comments
    • Rejected with comments
    • e-submit builders drawing to Consultant / Client
    • Update builders with revised list of drawings and re-submit to Consultant / Client.


  • Scope
    This procedure describes the steps and documents require in preparation and approval the MEP coordinating drawing by Consultant / client.
  • Processing
    Technical staff to prepare MEP coordination drawing required before executing the works at site.
  • Re-submit MEP Coordination drawing to consultant / client
    Updated co-ordination drawing with revised serial number and date, updated list of coordination drawing and re-submits through main contractor to re-approved by the consultant / client.


  • Scope
    This procedure describes the inspection and testing activities required to verify that the specified requirements that have been met at receiving.
  • Processing
    Technical staff such as Electrical site Engineers/ Plumbing site Engineer/ A/C site Engineer to prepare activity test required at various stages during installation.
  • MEP inspection and testing form required
    Electrical works inspection / test (attached)
    Drainage works inspection / test (attached)
    A/C works inspection / test (attached)
    Plumbing works inspection / test (attached)
  • Inspection And Test Plan
    Site Engineer to prepare and carried out the site for inspection and test plan required by the contract for activities required.
  • Request for inspection / witnessing
  • In process for inspection and testing
  • Final inspection and testing


  • Scope
    After construction for all MEP works, the site engineer shall prepare ‘As Built Drawing’ according to actual final installation at site.
  • Preparation of As Built Drawings
    • A red line drawing is a marked up shop drawing which will be used to prepare the ‘As Built Drawing’.
      Stamp drawing with “As Built Drawing”
    • To be submitted to owner (3 sets complete with catalogue, manuals and technical information.


  • Scope
  • The procedure describes the steps of handling over for each Authority.
  • Prepare site for final handling
  • Prepare handing over documents
  • Electrical Department inspection
  • Water supply department inspection
  • Drawing Department inspection
  • Civil Defense office inspection
  • Follow-up with all authorities for final connection for each service.


    The procedure involves the steps to ensure proper planning and coordination for handing over of the project during the maintenance / defects liability of the job.
    The Maintenance engineer shall be in charge during the project maintenance period according to project contract and handling and rectifying all clients’ complaints and complete snags list.
  • Documents required
    • Set of the Built Drawings
    • Operation manual
    • Maintenance manual
  • Documents required
    1. Electrical workshop drawings
    2. Plumbing workshop drawings
    3. Drainage workshop drawings
    4. Fire Fighting shop drawings
    5. Fire alarm shop drawings
    6. Low current shop drawings
    7. Central A/C work shop drawings
    8. Equipment Specification and catalogue

Preparation of M.E.P coordination drawings
Technical staff to prepare coordination drawings required for all services and requirements, layout, above false ceiling equipments layout, roof plan layout, reflected false ceiling layout, kitchen layout, plant room layout, etc.

  • Preparation list of coordination drawings
    Prepare list of coordination drawing form to submit with coordination drawings.
  • Submittal / M.E.P coordination drawing to consult / client
    To submit coordination drawing through main contract to consultant / client for approval complete with list of MEP coordination drawing.
  • Receipt back from consultant / client
    The MEP coordinate drawing duly stamped with the following remarks:
    1. Approved
    2. Approved with comments
    3. Rejected with comments


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