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Having the Right Team
We believe that having the right people in the right place in your business is important.

Our team of dedicated and highly qualified personnel is capable of provide all kinds of services pertaining HVAC, Electrical & PHE (PLUMBING) system to satisfy the needs of all our customers.

Concept & Design

  • Discuss with the clients and their architects and interior designers to understand their basic requirements for electrical, plumbing and HVAC system.
  • Study the architectural drawing and proposed the most economic HVAC, Electrical and PHE system to cater to the clients requirements.
  • Carry the load calculation based on the KPTCL/BESCOM regulations.
  • Propose and design the type of Electrical, PHE and HVAC system based on the calculated load.
  • If the design and specification is already provided, study the same in detail and suggest improvement in design, if possible, for a more energy efficient system.
  • Work out value engineering to provide cost advantage to client.
  • Select and propose best and most efficient equipment and materials suitable for project.
  • Prepare detailed drawing and coordinate with other related MEP works & service.


  • Getting the correct estimates for your projects is critical if you are to survive in today's environment.
  • Avoid costly estimating mistakes Get the best solutions from us by using a professional.

Pricing & Work Program

  • Prepare the BOQ of material and equipment required for the complete project, based on the drawings & technical specifications.
  • Workout the pricing for completion of the project based on the current market rates of the materials & equipment and the labour charges with overheads.
  • Prepare a detailed work programme of Electrical, PHE and HVAC work based on the completion programme proposed by the client/contractor.
  • Prepare a detailed histogram for the site staff required during the various stages of installation.
  • Prepare cash flow statement till the completion of project.

Supply & Installation

  • Prepare materials schedule with planned delivery dates according to site requirement.
  • Prepare submittal & approval of equipments & materials.
  • Prepare detailed shop drawing in coordination with other MEP works.
  • Place purchase order for materials and arrange for delivery & protective storage of materials and equipments at site.
  • Coordinate with civil contractor and M.E.P related works.
  • Installation of equipments & materials based on the approved work programme.
  • Maintaining high quality standard according to specifications.

Testing & Commissioning

  • All MEP test will be carry as per CIVIL DEFENCE, IE STD and all Local Authority requirements.
  • Pressure testing, vacuuming & gas charging for refrigeration piping.
  • Pressure testing of chilled water pipes before insulating.
  • Flushing & Chemical cleaning of chilled water system.
  • Air balancing for chilled water system.
  • Water balancing for chilled water system.

Maintenance during Defect Liability Period.

  • Carry out servicing & maintenance of MEP system for a period of one year from over the date of handing over.
  • Attending breakdown calls promptly.
  • Replacement or repair of defective parts and providing required spare Parts.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer complete MEP maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in a very structured contract scheme to the best support for our clients make advantage of our planned preventive maintenance contract as follows:-

  • Maximum efficiency by inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and tuning up clients equipment to the optimum performance.
  • Prompt service when clients do have a problem.
  • Extended equipment life with schedule visits and preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Consistent comfort levels by understanding and calibrating clients mechanical system controls.
  • Helps to avoid costly down time unexpected expensive repair.
  • Ensure that the MEP system is operating and peak efficiency.

Other Services

  • System Maintenance for all MEP.
  • Maintenance service is offered round the clock (24X7, 365Days) by our team of skilled technicians.
  • Repair
    • Rewinding motors, replacement of Compressors, Filters, and Capacitors.
  • Precision tune ups.
    • Gas top-ups, adjustments for fan switch/capacitors, Air ducts flow distribution.
  • Replacements of units.
    • Replace your full system for either indoor or outdoor or both with the brand of your choice depending upon the condition of the system.
  • Service on all makes and models.
    • Your units will be serviced either by enrolling in our preventive maintenance programs / short maintenance service.


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