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Building Management System

We live in a society under a perceived threat from myriad sources. Many of these threats are now a reality that faces us on a daily basis. We are frisked and put through metal detectors as we enter airports, office buildings, multiplex or mall. Our society needs protection from random and planned incidents that threaten to throw our fast pace of life out of gear. Today, our security solutions involve threat assessment, surveillance and analytics, automated access and access control systems and a range of biometric and other devices that ensure that life and comfort are protected and threats kept out of range. Security solutions apply to intellectual property that ranges from highly qualified people to trade secrets. It involves data and information systems on the one hand and projects and whole cities on the other. Every installation that we depend upon for our normal daily life needs protection whether it is our power grid, water supply or an information system.

The security solutions include:

City Surveillance and Key Installations

Integrated security and surveillance platforms that provide support to law and order establishment and city administration. This solution integrates command and control centre modules with strategic surveillance and analytics platforms. OEMS works with leading edge National & international partners to custom design city and city landmark specific solutions.

Perimeter Security

Large campuses need a secured Perimeter Protection System to stop intruders from having access to the campus. This is very essential in particularly large campuses where manning every entry / exit point is close to impossible 24 hours a day.

Access Control

Access Control System performs 2 primary functions:

  • Control of all Entry/Exit points from an Area/Facility
  • Tracks and Logs personnel throughout a facility

The Access Control forms a security barrier and hence protects the facilities from unauthorized entries. Every individual working in the facility has unique cards hence trespassing is avoided.

Video Surveillance and Analytics

Video Surveillance Systems form a vital part of any building's surveillance set up, as they help in monitoring the movement of people. The prime application of Video Surveillance Systems is to identify any unauthorized movements and to help avoid any untoward incidents from taking place in the campus.

Asset Tracking

Surveillance and communication centric solutions

Vehicle Automation & Parking Management

Vehicle access control, surveillance and control systems.

Infrastructure Solutions

OEMS has built a strong track and expertise in developing a fire solution strategy, engineering and execution mechanism for a range of commercial, residential, industrial and allied projects. The economy is now embarking on a sustained initiative of infrastructure based growth. The transport and logistics hubs of the nation will be its new lifeline. These include ports, railway networks, MRT Systems, healthcare and education systems. These infrastructure ecosystems are as vulnerable to fire threats as a residential or commercial complex. The infrastructure vertical deploys our vast experience on a large format canvas that includes protecting airports, powerplants and ports from the threat of fire. This is fire solutions engineered on a infrastructural scale.

The infrastructure solutions include:

  • Aviation
  • Power & Transmission
  • Steel & Metallurgy
  • Mass Rapid Transport
  • Oil & Gas
  • Ports
  • Cement Plants
  • Chemical Industries

Network Infrastructure

We live in a world that is connected to possibly everybody and everything, no distance too far, no business too small. As the connectivity requirements of our modern world rise, so does the need for more complex and reliable network infrastructure. At OEMS networks are built and maintained for a better quality of communication; developments in technology have only made it more complex. OEMS provides a converged network infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and cost-effective, integrating multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies.

The network infrastructure solutions include:

  • Installation Services for Structured Cabling Systems
  • Consultation
  • Site Survey
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing, Commissioning and Cut-over
  • Handover and Documentation
  • Maintenance and support services for structured cabling systems

The unified system normally comprises of:

  • Illumination System
  • Electric Power Control System
  • Heating System
  • Ventilation System
  • Microclimate System
  • Conditioning Devices
  • Security and Observation System
  • Magnetic Card and Access System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Lifts, Elevators and Escalators
  • Other Engineering Systems

Benefits of Building Management Systems:

  • Building Occupants
    • Good control of internal comfort conditions
    • Possibility of individual room control
    • Increased staff productivity
    • Safety and security recourse
    • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
    • Improved plant reliability and life
    • Effective response to HVAC-related complaints
  • Building Owner
    • Higher rental value
    • Flexibility on change of building use
    • Individual tenant billing for services facilities manager
    • Central or remote control and monitoring of building
    • Increased level of comfort and time saving
  • Operations
    • Low operating cost
    • Efficient use of building resources and services
    • High productivity
    • Rapid alarm indication and fault diagnosis
    • Good plant schematics and documentation
  • Maintenance
    • Ease of information availability problem diagnostics.
    • Computerized maintenance scheduling
    • Effective use of maintenance staff
    • Early detection of problems
    • More satisfied occupants

Home Intelligence

OEMS home automation solutions create living spaces that are smart and beautiful, homes that sense your every need and manage themselves. The technologies and automations ensure that these living spaces are secure, comfortable and smart. The focus is to create safer environments for the generation of tomorrow by providing the best in class integrated solutions for the home.

The consumer automation offerings include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Security

Enterprise Solutions are also available for latge condo and villa projects in various combinations

Secured Services

All your fire, security and infrastructure solutions are proactively managed by Firepro in an end to end fashion so you can rest assured that they will work when you need them the most. Trained engineering teams and technological expertise ensures that systems are managed efficiently and effectively.

A right team with the right attitude has been a crucial success factor for Firepro in managing services. Project execution timeframes are increasingly reducing. Therefore high levels of co-ordination and co-operation combined with a different management approach are essential. Only when all concerned in a project operate on the same level, the desired end result can be fully achieved. Experience and creativity set Firepro's managed services team apart.

The managed services offerings include:

  • Managed Services (Operations & Maintenance Contract)
    • It is a full-fledged team that takes the burden of managing all your Fire detection & Protection Systems, Electronic Security Systems and Building Management Systems off your shoulders. Our well qualified & trained engineers will be deployed at your facility to monitor, maintain and manage your systems. This frees up your manpower resources and ensures more efficient systems management. Breakdowns, if any, can be identified and resolved proactively. This, in turn, enables you to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies and minimize losses to people and property. Kindly refer the T&C of Contract for details.
  • Non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (NAMC)
    • This is basically a “Services” Contract with a certain percentage value in rupees. Once the client enters into this AMC, our team of trained engineers and technicians will visit the site and carry out Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) which is ideally done once in 3 months. This is a proactive service which means that this service is planned in advance in coordination with the client and the calendar of our visits are shared for site clearance etc. Apart from the PMS, even the complaints are attended without an additional cost. However the Spare parts and Consumables are chargeable at prevailing prices.

  • Value Added Services
    • This division undertakes the following VAS (Value Added Services)
    • Our professionally trained personnel undertake the training on Basic Fire Safety sessions, Basic First Aid (St. John Ambulance standards) and Evacuation drills. These above value additions will benefit all the employees on “What, How, Why, Where, When” to do things during Fire emergency situations.
    • Fire Extinguisher Services: A special team of professional undertakes the supply, refill and replacement of Fire Extinguishers
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